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Read this Article if You Like to Work Out

Do you like to workout; has it become an addiction for you? Biologists know that the body gives off endorphins when people work out and often this leads to a feeling of well being or borderline euphoria. This is something has evolved in the human evolution over hundreds of thousands of years.

It is not only possible to become addicted to working out, it is probable if you workout every day and get into the rhythm of doing so. Those who jog or run often talk of the runners high they get. That is a real feeling and positive sensation, it is something they feel and others get this same feeling from other types of activities.

Swimmers, dancers and those who just go down to the gym to work out all describe just about the same feeling. So if you like to work out, well, you are not alone, as it is a built in response that people have to the process.

This of course is a very good thing, because if you can feel good while working out and then have more stamina, energy and a positive attitude throughout the day, well what could be better than that? While everyone else is getting fat, you got it all and you deserve it too. Think on these facts next time you work out.

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  1. Kailan Kailan May 15, 2016

    I think you’ve just captured the answer perfectly

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